Entering competitions

My current entry in the World of EOS Photochains competition.

My current entry in the World of EOS Photochains competition.

I enter a lot of competitions. Not so many that I end up on “A Current Affair” showing off my lounge room looking as though a prize-bomb went off, but enough that I actually have won stuff. Good stuff, too! Here’s a list of the things that I can remember off the top of my head:

  • A 10 day trip around New Zealand’s South Island with Intrepid Travel
    This one was one of those “In 25 words or less…” competitions. Mine was something corny about dolphins splashing around my kayak with me looking blissfully on – barf.
  • A pair of Blundstone shoes
    Another corny entry, this one of the “Roses are red” type.
  • A Canon 700D DSLR
    This is a regular one for me. Canon’s World of EOS runs something called Photochains on a roughly monthly time frame. You enter an image that fits with the current “word link” and attach a new “word link” to your own image. I’ve actually won this comp twice, but the forst time I had not paid close enough attention to the rules and was disqualified for having entered a picture that had been previously entered in another competition. Sad face. (NOTE: I have yet to actually receive the camera, so there may well be a double sad face here.)
  • Peoples’ Choice Award in a local photography competition
    There is a local festival that happens every year, and a couple of years ago they held a photo comp where the theme was “Landscape, Peoplescape, Dogscape – images of the Lawson Golf Course.” My entry of a crazy looking dog bounding joyfully along caught the attention of the crowd and they voted me the $200 Peoples’ Choice award. Nice!
  • Third place in another local photo comp
    The local tourist magazine -“Blue Mountains Wonderland” holds a photo comp every year – “send in a few pics of the local area for your chance to win cash.” I sent in a few pics and I won another $200. Still trying to replicate that particular feat, but no luck as yet.
  • First place in a local photo comp (while living in New Zealand)
    This one was kind of funny. In New Zealand they have what you call A&P shows – Agriculture and Produce – and they usually have craft and hobby competitions. One category is photography and I thought I’d enter in the novice category. My $1 entry fee allowed me to send my mounted photo to the show where it was displayed for the duration. I forgot all about it in the following weeks, so you can understand my surprise when I received an email informing me that I had placed First in Show and First in Category! My prize? $2 for the category win and a cool bespoke trophy for the show win.

I guess I am happy to have found a way to actually use my hobby (photography, in case it wasn’t clear) in a way that can have some tangible reward. Elsewhere on the blog I have mentioned my dabbling in micro stock imaging, but that is a whole other kettle of whatever and the topic for its own post. I think I’ll add to this category of posts as (if) I have more luck in future competitions.



Random nice and random cool.

I have come across several things on the web these last 2 days – some just plain nice, some that I find to be really cool, some that are funny and some that are a combination of all these. Check them out:

  1. You need FaceBook to see this video of a nice guy doing a nice thing, but it is – nice!
  2. Pelle Cass, a street photographer with an interesting project going, interviewed on Imaging Resource – cool.
  3. You need to watch the whole of this public safety video to get the message – cool & funny.
  4. Another video (kids showed this to my wife and they got the coolness) of an X-Factor audition – cool & nice & funny.
  5. If you are a True Blood (the vampire TV show) fan and you like Pam, the you NEED to play this game cool.

I really love how the internet has made it possible for things like these to go viral – we really do still live in a village where everyone knows everything about everyone else. Share any of these that resonate with you.

A cat with its mouth wide open shown against a blown out white background.

My cat sharing!


Edit: A reader tip has prompted me to make a slight edit to the list – I have added a bit of a hint as to content for each entry.

Self promotion in blogging

The next post will show how I got to this particular idea – yeah, I know how revolutionary it is, why didn’t anyone else do it first?

I have worked out how to add a few new goodies to the site:

  • A new page with links to other blogs and websites that I use.
  • Some of those links are in the form of banners (yeah, I know how clever I am :P) which are just basically images that you put a hyperlink on. 

For me, these links and banners are a way of trying to get some traffic through to my (currently) very small stock photography portfolio. When my blog is HUGE, I will have more money than my cat.


Picture of a fluffy cat stretching on a towel.

My cat stretching and grinning.

Here we go!


Make one – yes, just one – post each week for a month. This won’t include mucking around behind the scenes with the appearance etc, but it will include adding any content – be it words or images.

Ok. So I am making my first ever blog post. I work as a teacher-librarian and I play as a photographer, so sharing is a big part of what I do every day. The content of this blog will revolve mostly around photography, but I also plan on writing down (typing in?) all of the little things that come up when blogging and how, as a first time blogger, I go with the tasks and goals I set.

Today I have:

  • Changed the header image: it is a photo I took in the Blue Mountains (Australia). The blue door fits in perfectly with my current project – see below.
  • Changed the background colour to a pale yellow. I am aiming for a “retro” theme for the site and, after some research, have found that pale colours are a feature of the retro feel.
  • Added a new “Colour” menu where I plan on adding images from my current photographic project – Man-made Colour: photos of things that are man made, where colour, shape, line and texture.