And we’re off!


Try to get 1000 views on the blog – any guesses for how long it will take? I’ll say by Christmas.

Thanks to the wonder of Facebook sharing, there have been 55 views of onlearninghowtoblog! (Particularly, views by my wonderful wife’s FB friends and family!) After one week, here’s what the breakdown of stats seems to be:

  • 55 views of the blog (with 33 of then in the hours after the FB sharing)
  • 11 followers (really it’s 10, because I followed myself to see how it’s done!)
  • 10 likes (you can like a post or an image, apparently)
  • 3 comments (one by me, again, to see how to do it and another by me as a reply)
  • Visits by people from Australia (43), USA (2), SA (2), UK (1) and NZ (1)
  • Most people read the blog entry (main page), but don’t click around the other tabs (maybe these are not visible enough?)

Thanks to all the visitors – keep coming back and I’ll keep it coming.