Do you always need the best?

I can’t do X because I don’t have Y.

How many times do you hear that? Or say that? My hand is up. I guess we are constantly bombarded by sales pitches and social pressure that tell us we need the latest and greatest stuff if we want to get better at what we do, or if we want to compete with the next guy. This guy makes me think we were wrong…

I shot that video on my iPod and look at what he is using as his drums – old paint buckets and the street surface of Pitt Street Mall! No flash gear there (I suppose an iPod is, but it isn’t the latest or greatest, by any means). Don’t get me wrong – I love having shiny new things to play with, especially when they involve anything to do with electronic gadgetry – but all I wanted to share today was that it is not always necessary to have those sparkly toys. Show this to a kid who wants to be a drummer, and then buy some ear plugs!

Cute, fluffy cat with a curious expression on her face sits next to an orange chest of drawers.

Dude, where are my drums?