So here is a little about me:

I work as a teacher-librarian and I play as a photographer, which means that sharing is a big part of what I do every day. The content of this blog will revolve mostly around photography, but I also plan on writing down (typing in?) all of the little things that come up when blogging and how, as a first time blogger, I go with the tasks and goals I set.

I read loads of blogs myself – all to do with photography, and many of those to do with stock photography (more on that in a later post).

If you are a regular, you will (probably) start to notice that I change my mind about things frequently! The reason that I first considered having a blog was to share my photography with an audience wider than Facebook, but, when it got down to jumping in and starting the thing, I realised that I knew nothing  – NOTHING – about blogging! And so, my first blog project is all about learning how to blog.

I look forward to the ride, and hope you’ll come along (or at least drop in occasionally!)

P.S. I’d love to hear any feedback about what you think is good, bad or ugly about what I’m doing – just please take the above into account before you behead me with your virtual light sabres!


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