Alex Saberi – Photographer of the Week

These are just awesome.

Photofocus (old site)

alexsaberi_headshotHe’s a photographer for National Geographic yet his photos are unlike any other wildlife photographers I’ve seen because of his beautiful combination of his subjects and fine art.  From the strength of a simple, singular swan to a triangle formation of an elk gang, I’m completely blown away at the level that this photographer has taken his documenting and photographic process.  Today, I stand and salute London photographer, Alex Saberi.

Alex is a National Geographic photographer from London that began photography as a hobby by taking photos in the royal Richmond Park in London.  It is only recently that he has turned his hobby into a profession. And since then, he has appeared in many digital camera magazines and publications and recently won the Protection Agency’s wildlife competition among many other competitions.


Alex’s Gear:
“I currently shoot with the brilliant Canon 5d Mk111.  Personally this incarnation of the 5D is…

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