Just a check to see if my sneaky plan to keep my new blog secret from my wife (it is a birthday surprise for her) has worked.

We’re off (maybe)!

I hope this doesn’t blow up in my face!
I’m sharing a new blog that I’ve started and need to keep it secret from my wife. Please check out my “Postcards from America” blog (also called postcardsfromstrangers).

The Holiday Blog

OK, it looks like the idea has legs. My sister, who lives in Florida at the moment, has said she’d be happy to get the ball rolling. So here’s what I plan on doing:

1) Set up a PO Box to be able to (secretly) receive the cards as they arrive
2) Start to fill out the blog with some posts about National Parks we’ve already visited (with pics)
3) Consider running some sort of competition if enough people get involved!

If you are a blog reader, please leave comments as this will help me evaluate the success of my venture. Also, sharing the blog would be awesome! And remember, the “About” tab at the top left has the details of what the blog is all about. The address will go there, too, once it’s set up.

All images are available for free non-commercial use. For commercial use, please contact…

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