Making the Shot — A Starry Night (Stills & Motion)

This is actually something that I am thinking of trying in the next few weeks. I’ll post the results (if I actually end up going out in the middle of the night!).

Photofocus (old site)

I recently had the chance to visit Zion National Park in Utah with two folks on the Photofocus team (Doug Daulton and Pamela Berry).  While there, I had a chance to make an evening time-lapse and some long exposures of the sky. Unfortunately, the moon was out… but we made the most of the night.

For context… the temperature got well below freezing… so I got creative.  Here’s the highlights of my production and postproduction workflow.

Getting the Shot

I used the new Nikon D610.  The camera held up well and didn’t flinch in the cold (even though it was below the rated temperature for shooting. I attached an extra battery grip to the camera to extend the battery life (the cold really sucks batteries dry).

  • I shot raw to get the best range.
  • I used a 50mm prime lens which had the ability to manually focus on infinity.
  • I…

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