Random nice and random cool.

I have come across several things on the web these last 2 days – some just plain nice, some that I find to be really cool, some that are funny and some that are a combination of all these. Check them out:

  1. You need FaceBook to see this video of a nice guy doing a nice thing, but it is – nice!
  2. Pelle Cass, a street photographer with an interesting project going, interviewed on Imaging Resource – cool.
  3. You need to watch the whole of this public safety video to get the message – cool & funny.
  4. Another video (kids showed this to my wife and they got the coolness) of an X-Factor audition – cool & nice & funny.
  5. If you are a True Blood (the vampire TV show) fan and you like Pam, the you NEED to play this game cool.

I really love how the internet has made it possible for things like these to go viral – we really do still live in a village where everyone knows everything about everyone else. Share any of these that resonate with you.

A cat with its mouth wide open shown against a blown out white background.

My cat sharing!


Edit: A reader tip has prompted me to make a slight edit to the list – I have added a bit of a hint as to content for each entry.


4 thoughts on “Random nice and random cool.

  1. My tip – give us a teeny precis of the content, like in 2 and 5, so I can pick what I want to watch if I don’t have time to check them all out, not that I don’t trust your judgement on what’s cool and funny!!

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