Why blog?

So you’ve got a blog – what will you do with it?

While I was dithering about whether I should have a blog, I was thinking about exactly what it would be for me. I have a list!

  1. A place for sharing pictures – good, but Facebook does that.
  2. A place for promoting photographic work –  better than number 1!
  3. A place for sharing musing – not really my style.
  4. A place to write down (type in? got to find out what people think about that one) every thought that pops into my head – not my style and twitter does that.
  5. A place for sharing ideas – better than numbers 3 & 4!
  6. A  place to muck around and see what cool stuff I can do.
  7. A tool for learning how to do something useful – better than number 6!

As the list reveals, every idea was eventually followed by a better one – and not always in neat little 1, 2 steps like you see here. I guess that as a teacher, I know that thinking and planning always beats jumping in when it comes to doing something meaningful. But here’s what I discovered – my epiphany, if you will:

My blog is not necessarily meaningful!

There, I said it! This really is just going to be all about Number 1 and Number 6 (with a little bit of Number 2, as you’ll see in the previous post). I finally made the connection that I don’t have that much to say – at least not that will drastically change anyone’s life, anyway – but I do really like playing with techy stuff. I am a little late to the blogoshpere, but hey, who’s worried about being late these days? Certainly not my cat.


Photo of a fluffy cat looking over its shoulder asking to go out onto the balcony.

My cat asking us to stop making so much fuss.


8 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. Hi Wes, I’m looking forward to reading more – I like your chatty, breezy style, and I LOVE your photographs, so keep it coming. I had to start a blog for the Masters a few years ago and enjoyed learning how to do it, but alas, it has fallen into disuse. Maybe you’ll inspire me to reinvigorate it!

  2. Greetings. 🙂 I am looking for a cat photo to use for a digital piece. I’m wondering if I could use this photo of your cat? It’s kind of…perfect.

      • Thanks for your reply! I was recently inspired to create a meme based on a quote from a friend. (Subject matter: when you’ve made personal growth & moved forward with your life, yet people or things you thought were in your past creep up behind you – your cat’s expression kind of sums up what that might feel like.) If you’re ok with the general purpose, but prefer it stay private (i.e. not be shared with others, on Facebook/etc), I can certainly oblige with any rules or restrictions. Would be happy to show you the final product, as well, to get your approval… and/or your cat’s.

  3. Sure, I can put the URL on the image. I was planning on making the image for the sole purpose of sending to the friend… an inside joke, I suppose? So there are no grand plans in mind; but, I follow the golden rule w/image copyrights. Never know how far images might circulate these days.

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