Here we go!


Make one – yes, just one – post each week for a month. This won’t include mucking around behind the scenes with the appearance etc, but it will include adding any content – be it words or images.

Ok. So I am making my first ever blog post. I work as a teacher-librarian and I play as a photographer, so sharing is a big part of what I do every day. The content of this blog will revolve mostly around photography, but I also plan on writing down (typing in?) all of the little things that come up when blogging and how, as a first time blogger, I go with the tasks and goals I set.

Today I have:

  • Changed the header image: it is a photo I took in the Blue Mountains (Australia). The blue door fits in perfectly with my current project – see below.
  • Changed the background colour to a pale yellow. I am aiming for a “retro” theme for the site and, after some research, have found that pale colours are a feature of the retro feel.
  • Added a new “Colour” menu where I plan on adding images from my current photographic project – Man-made Colour: photos of things that are man made, where colour, shape, line and texture.



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