Random nice and random cool.

I have come across several things on the web these last 2 days – some just plain nice, some that I find to be really cool, some that are funny and some that are a combination of all these. Check them out:

  1. You need FaceBook to see this video of a nice guy doing a nice thing, but it is – nice!
  2. Pelle Cass, a street photographer with an interesting project going, interviewed on Imaging Resource – cool.
  3. You need to watch the whole of this public safety video to get the message – cool & funny.
  4. Another video (kids showed this to my wife and they got the coolness) of an X-Factor audition – cool & nice & funny.
  5. If you are a True Blood (the vampire TV show) fan and you like Pam, the you NEED to play this game cool.

I really love how the internet has made it possible for things like these to go viral – we really do still live in a village where everyone knows everything about everyone else. Share any of these that resonate with you.

A cat with its mouth wide open shown against a blown out white background.

My cat sharing!


Edit: A reader tip has prompted me to make a slight edit to the list – I have added a bit of a hint as to content for each entry.


And we’re off!


Try to get 1000 views on the blog – any guesses for how long it will take? I’ll say by Christmas.

Thanks to the wonder of Facebook sharing, there have been 55 views of onlearninghowtoblog! (Particularly, views by my wonderful wife’s FB friends and family!) After one week, here’s what the breakdown of stats seems to be:

  • 55 views of the blog (with 33 of then in the hours after the FB sharing)
  • 11 followers (really it’s 10, because I followed myself to see how it’s done!)
  • 10 likes (you can like a post or an image, apparently)
  • 3 comments (one by me, again, to see how to do it and another by me as a reply)
  • Visits by people from Australia (43), USA (2), SA (2), UK (1) and NZ (1)
  • Most people read the blog entry (main page), but don’t click around the other tabs (maybe these are not visible enough?)

Thanks to all the visitors – keep coming back and I’ll keep it coming.


Why blog?

So you’ve got a blog – what will you do with it?

While I was dithering about whether I should have a blog, I was thinking about exactly what it would be for me. I have a list!

  1. A place for sharing pictures – good, but Facebook does that.
  2. A place for promoting photographic work –  better than number 1!
  3. A place for sharing musing – not really my style.
  4. A place to write down (type in? got to find out what people think about that one) every thought that pops into my head – not my style and twitter does that.
  5. A place for sharing ideas – better than numbers 3 & 4!
  6. A  place to muck around and see what cool stuff I can do.
  7. A tool for learning how to do something useful – better than number 6!

As the list reveals, every idea was eventually followed by a better one – and not always in neat little 1, 2 steps like you see here. I guess that as a teacher, I know that thinking and planning always beats jumping in when it comes to doing something meaningful. But here’s what I discovered – my epiphany, if you will:

My blog is not necessarily meaningful!

There, I said it! This really is just going to be all about Number 1 and Number 6 (with a little bit of Number 2, as you’ll see in the previous post). I finally made the connection that I don’t have that much to say – at least not that will drastically change anyone’s life, anyway – but I do really like playing with techy stuff. I am a little late to the blogoshpere, but hey, who’s worried about being late these days? Certainly not my cat.


Photo of a fluffy cat looking over its shoulder asking to go out onto the balcony.

My cat asking us to stop making so much fuss.

Self promotion in blogging

The next post will show how I got to this particular idea – yeah, I know how revolutionary it is, why didn’t anyone else do it first?

I have worked out how to add a few new goodies to the site:

  • A new page with links to other blogs and websites that I use.
  • Some of those links are in the form of banners (yeah, I know how clever I am :P) which are just basically images that you put a hyperlink on. 

For me, these links and banners are a way of trying to get some traffic through to my (currently) very small stock photography portfolio. When my blog is HUGE, I will have more money than my cat.


Picture of a fluffy cat stretching on a towel.

My cat stretching and grinning.


Righto, so I’ve decided that I didn’t like the theme that I originally picked (themes are like pre-packed designs for WordPress blogs) so I’ve changed it. I also posted two images to the Gallery page and linked the blog to my Facebook page so friends can see what I’m up to.


Edit: I have also worked out how to add an “About” page! Bugger – I’m getting addicted to this!

Note to self: one post per week!

Here we go!


Make one – yes, just one – post each week for a month. This won’t include mucking around behind the scenes with the appearance etc, but it will include adding any content – be it words or images.

Ok. So I am making my first ever blog post. I work as a teacher-librarian and I play as a photographer, so sharing is a big part of what I do every day. The content of this blog will revolve mostly around photography, but I also plan on writing down (typing in?) all of the little things that come up when blogging and how, as a first time blogger, I go with the tasks and goals I set.

Today I have:

  • Changed the header image: it is a photo I took in the Blue Mountains (Australia). The blue door fits in perfectly with my current project – see below.
  • Changed the background colour to a pale yellow. I am aiming for a “retro” theme for the site and, after some research, have found that pale colours are a feature of the retro feel.
  • Added a new “Colour” menu where I plan on adding images from my current photographic project – Man-made Colour: photos of things that are man made, where colour, shape, line and texture.